Snow Nozzle T-218

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Dry Snow with WKD Snow Nozzle T-218

The WKD snow nozzle T-218 is designed to easily produce dry snow as whenever required. In the thermo box the carbon dioxide snow can even be kept for some hours. Just a standard pressure cylinder with carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is needed. The pressure cylinder should be equipped with a riser pipe to allow extracting liquid CO2. If the cylinder has no riser pipe it has to be fixed upside down with the valve downwards to achieve the same effect.

Cylindrical Interference Fits for a Secure Hold

Cylindrical interference fits are used for achieving friction-type connections between components such as cylinder head and valve seat. Especially in such a case where different metals with different coefficients of thermal expansion are joined together special care has to be taken for a tight connection even at working temperature. Therefore at room temperature the oversize of the seat ring is so big that it is impossible to force it in without damaging the bore.

The procedure

A suitable procedure is a combination of heat shrinking and cold expansion:

The cylinder head is heated while the seat rings are cooled. Then the ring is dropped carefully into the bore. With the following temperature equalization the bore is shrinking while the ring is expanding. Thus a highly stressable interference of the join is achieved.

Länge ca. 200 mm
Breite ca. 83 mm