Snow Nozzle

Dry Snow Easily Homemade!
about minus 80°C cold


With a single hand movement the WKD snow nozzle T-218 turns liquid CO2 into  dry snow. With this snow parts can be cooled down quickly and easily. This technique is ideal to occasionally produce cylindrical interference fits for example inserting new valve seat rings or valve guides.


Snow Nozzle T-218

Dry Snow with WKD Snow Nozzle T-218

The WKD snow nozzle T-218 is designed to easily produce dry snow as whenever required. In the thermo box the carbon dioxide snow can even be kept for some hours. Just a standard pressure cylinder with carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is needed. The pressure cylinder should be equipped with a riser pipe to allow extracting liquid CO2. If the cylinder has no riser pipe it has to be fixed upside down with the valve downwards to achieve the same effect.

Länge ca. 200 mm
Breite ca. 83 mm

Thermo Box

Wooden Thermo Box for Keeping Dry Snow

In the thermo box dry snow can be preserved for several hours.

Länge ca. 220 mm
Breite ca. 161 mm
Höhe ca. 117 mm
Länge ca. 183 mm
Breite ca. 123 mm
Höhe ca. 76 mm