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WKD Walter Krupp Dieseltechnik GmbH, located in Meckenheim, Germany, is a globally operating company with focus on Germany, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. We provide planning, consulting, service and supply of machinery, measuring instruments, and tools.

Our fields of competence:

·       equipment for engine rebuilding :

Starting with development, manufacture and sales of testing equipment for diesel engines more than 40 years ago we now offer an extensive range of machinery, equipment, and special tools for engine rebuilding.

·        Fuel consumption measurement:

In times of rising fuel prices, we offer systems for measuring the fuel consumption for both the review and adjustment of the engine on the test bench as well as for fixed installation in the vehicle. The optimization of the engine settings and especially the training and self-control of the driver offer savings up to 15%.

·        Problem solving for deburring and surface finishing:

Deburring of (cross) holes and edges is often a challanging problem in production. Optimized surfaces improve performance and durability of the products in many cases. We are specialized to help solve these problems and to provide appropriate machinery or tools.

·        Smart use of compressed air:

Compressed air is expensive - but in many cases still the most efficient means of cooling, drying, cleaning, feeding and eliminate static. We offer a range of intelligent products for the optimization of these applications in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, noise and ease of service.